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Gummi Bako have been cranking up their outhouse rock ever since the day they were born. Raised on a high-sugar diet of Carry On films and the Muppets with a firm foundation in country and gospel with a liberal sprinkling of novelty, it's no surprise that they ended up spanking their planks in a most inimitable fashion.

In between swanning around and goofing about, they've performed at Bestival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Pittenweem Arts Festival, Leith Festival, Spitz Festival of Folk, The Big Tent at Falkland Palace, Fence's Home Game and Away Game Festivals.

As long-standing members of Fife's Fence Collective they've featured on a multitude of Fence records including "Fence Reunited" and "Let's Get This Ship On The Road". They've even had their songs covered by fellow fencer King Creosote on his EPs "I Learned From The Gaels" and "It Turned Out For The Best", now compiled as nature intended on "That Might Well Be It, Darling".

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